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Why Get a Massage

Recovery after bodybuilding is something that everyone needs because it directly affects your body and your training quality. With the ability to recover quickly, you can train more, muscles grow faster.

These recovery methods after bodybuilding you should use

Why Get a Massage


Any knowledgeable trainer will recommend that lightweight cardio is the best proactive recovery method and suitable for all types of lesson plans. Whether you are in the process of strength training, HIIT or cycling at full speed, a gentle cardio will help muscles relax and limit lactic acid accumulation.

“Riding 10-15 minutes is very beneficial,” says Kings bury. “Especially after the very heavy training session, I always forced the practitioners to use a pedal.” Whether cycling outdoors or exercising in the gym, the trick is to keep the intensity low. Time for practice is over; it’s just a way to keep your body in a moving state and keep your heart rate up a little bit. If you don’t have a bike, walking to recover after a workout is also an option. Again, keep the speed slow. It is reasonable to bring along a friend while walking and talking.

Relax on the massage table

One of the most effective active restorative methods for professional athletes is massage, especially using best essential oils for massage with their favorite scent to reduce stress and anxiety. Using essential oils during massage helps to relax and refresh.

Why Get a Massage

Massage ways to recover from bodybuilding reference

Massages the middle back: This is an important position to stretch the function of the spine, helping the lungs breathe well

Buttocks massage: Effective therapy for people with lower back pain, the points located in this muscle area can affect the soles of the feet

Massage in the hips and groin: This area often gets tired when sitting or running continuously for a long time

Knee massage

Massage feet, ankles: This healthy area will limit the injury to the knee.

Get enough carbs after 1 hour of exercise

Like motors that need raw materials to run, muscles also need energy to operate and develop. But to recover after a workout, what kind of food is suitable? And eat when is right? The simple answer to the first question is: protein, starch and fiber are rich in vitamins.

Protein is an indispensable element, the key to muscle growth, but don’t ignore carbs. Starch is very useful.They can fight muscle catabolism and reduce cortisol (stress hormone). Starch is an important ingredient for post-workout recovery.

Sleeping enough

“Sleep plays an important role for most of the body’s biological functions including physical rehabilitation. For athletes this is paramount. ”Shona Halson, responsible for managing care and training at the Australian Sports Academy.

“Accident in the gym due to fatigue is very common,” Kingsbury made it all too clear in the process of urging his Hollywood stars to practice. “They have very little time to rest, and we have to control the situation. Some days we even cancel the training because they don’t have the best health. About the number: You should spend at least 7 hours to sleep at night or 8, even 9 hours if you are following a heavy, intense lesson plan.

Practice simple yoga postures right after the gym

First of all, we need to know muscle relaxation includes 2 types: dynamic and static. Each type has a different effect on the body. Dynamic involves movements that occur continuously such as turning the arms, turning or turning the hips.

In contrast, stretching the muscles only stretches to a position and then retains that position, to understand it, we just need to look at yoga movements. For a long time, there has been a firm belief that stretching is always the method of choice at start-up to increase blood flow and promote muscle activity in preparation for training. incorporate post-workout to reduce lactic acid retention, avoid injury and increase flexibility (even though there is a study showing that static stretching before training is a complete no-no action as this is a must). further weaken).

This is not entirely true, as your muscle groups are not the same structure.

Dynamic stretches should be used before major exercises and after warm-up exercises (such as jumping jacks) to initially transport blood and oxygen into the muscles.

Having a kid in home is also a great feeling for parents to see their activities and enjoy their life. Each child has their unique skills and travel in their own world, but somehow certain activities are commonly loved to do by children. One such thing is climbing, there is no surprise for people, if it said children love to claim especially for parents.

Why Is Climbing Good for Toddlers?

It is mainly because parents do see their kid’s tendency to keep on climbing over furniture’s, bed, sofa, table and if it is playground they keep trying to climb trees. In certain cases, parents would have also seen kids climbing over their siblings too as a fun overloaded activity. Although, this is loved by some parents, majority of parents would feel odd sometimes. There is no need to be tensed or feeling odd about this activity in real facts there are reasons hidden behind the children activity.

  • Natural instincts that is built inside kids
  • Children instincts to explore physical and mental capabilities.
  • As a matter of fun and to compete with their imagination.
  • Due high adrenaline level children try to cross their boundaries to sense the level of danger.

Thus due to all above reasons climbing activity keeps an increasing in children, all these facts occurs in healthy children’s.

Is there any benefit when children climb?

Why Is Climbing Good for Toddlers?

Even though there are several reasons that naturally cause children’s to climb they all end to beneficial factors. Despite of searching for reasons for children climbing activity people can search for its benefits. If you do that, then you would come to know there are huge benefits are positively resulted within the children’s who get involved in climbing activity. To make clear enough here are some of benefits for children’s in climbing are listed below.

  • When children keeps on climbing unknowingly they are keep on increasing their physical activity and sports involvement. This also exposé the positive effect within children which in turn help to have good health.
  • It is a well known fact that when children do climbing it is a good physical exercise for them however as unknown fact when children doing so their stress level maintained in balanced condition. In simple words by climbing children can reduce stress and keep brain calm.
  • Climbing not only enhance physical health it also empower mental health of children by increasing focus towards their work and make them to think out box.

In addition to all these it has been proven that when children climb it helps lot to improve their natural problem solving skills, thinking skills, confidence level and better mood in their life.

Why Is Climbing Good for Toddlers?

Best climbing toys for toddler:

By knowing benefits and advantages in allowing children to climb schools, playschools, kinder gardens, kids care and in kids park you can able to see climbing structures would be available for toddlers play. But there are people who are new to stepping in to day care or kids care and in need of toddle climber. In case, kids wish to play climbing in home parents cannot allow them to climb on furniture or over something in that cases only climbing toys would be a better option.

The climbing toys remain to be a perfect choice for children to climb even inside house and make fun. But this is only possible when you choose climbing toys for toddlers. However if you search for toddler climbing toys in online there would be several options. Among them choosing best climbing toys for toddlers is quite difficult to make the search ease here are some of best climbing toys for toddlers that is widely moved in market are listed below.

  • Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Jungle Gym
  • Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower
  • Step2 Panda Climber
  • Constructive Playthings Toys 5-Pc. Lightweight Vinyl Soft Play Forms

Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Jungle Gym

This toddler is of 10 foot wider and 5 foot tall it is well suitable for all age kids to spend their time fun full in outdoor. This climbing toddler is designed in such a way that when children climb on them, it provides better exercise to the upper body and makes them strength. However this structured design not only allows the kids to climb but also to swing from bar to bar. The only hectic thing is assembling of dome that would be ease when you read the instruction and do them as it is.

Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

This climbing tower holds same geodesic shape similar to dome climber only thing is it comes smaller size. This climbing tower is well suitable for small age kids to have safe climbing play. Even here the climber allows the kids to swing and stand with help of bars. Moreover this climbing tower can be easily assembled in the house garden. Thus this would be perfect option for parents who wish to burn their kid’s daily stress.

Step2 Panda Climber

This is one of the famous climbing toy options among toddlers and it is mainly because this panda climber is perfectly kiddo sized. This compact size allows you to get assemble them in indoor as well as outdoor. Moreover all parts are sturdy and easily fit and do not involve kids to risky play. as a combo this climbing toy comes with climber and also a slider so kids can enjoy climbing sliding combo. This climbing toddler toy would be perfect option for 2 year aged kids.

Constructive Playthings Toys 5-Pc. Lightweight Vinyl Soft Play Forms

This is also one of the type of climbing toy but it is suitable only for 6 months to 1 year kid who just started to floor roam. These climbing toys are made of soft forms in attractive color combination so that kids climb on the slides and enjoy their play.

Likewise based on selection and age there are several best climbing toys for toddlers are available you just want to search them and check whether it is suitable for you, if any above products are well suitable then decision falls in your hand.

Bad body odor is a common thing yet, can be a shameful experience at times. Many people suffer from foul odor from their body but very few are aware of the origin of that bad odor. They put effort into trying to find out the real cause of their body being smelled so nasty. The unpleasant smell can sometimes be very unbearable, that it is noticed by the nearby people. Some diseases might also be one of the reasons why one is facing odor issues, except sweating, bacteria, eating habits, etc.

What Diseases Can Cause Bad Body Odor?

There is a list of few diseases which might be causing bad body odor and you should be aware of these:


When the thyroxin named hormone is overly excreted from the thyroid gland in our throat or neck, then it may cause goiter in the upcoming period. It leads to major hormonal imbalances in the person’s body due to which, bad odor is very common.

Cervical cancer

Cervix is the lowermost part of the uterus in females. Cervical cancer occurs when a tumor or cancerous cell is made below the uterus. Its first sign is a foul smell from the white discharge from the vagina. Having bad odor does not mean you have cervical cancer or any other kind of cancer, it is just recommended to prefer the proper diagnose of that foul smell coming from one’s body.

Intestinal diseases

What Diseases Can Cause Bad Body Odor?

Sometimes, the large intestine of a person’s body might get molded and twisted so hard, that he cannot be able to release stool properly. This creates massive digestion problems and acidity. The gas produced in the stomach releases through farts of bad smell.

Rectal disorders

The opening through which our fecal matter releases outside our body is known as rectum. It is the lowest part of our large intestine where the stool is stored. Sometimes that area due to our fecal matter gets infected. This may cause bad smell from our underneath parts.

Renal diseases

Renal is the term used for referring kidneys. When our one or both kidneys do not get proper water or fluid supply, then they might cause urine or urinary tract infections, which might be a cause of bad odor in our body.

Liver issues

Liver diseases like enlargement of liver, high or low level of secretion of bile juice, etc. can also cause symptoms like sweating in our body because they are indirectly linked to our heart rate and heart inflammation.

Fungal infections

Skin diseases like eczema and warts are another reason for the bad odor present in our body. A good dermatologist can be proved helpful in these issues and getting rid of the bad odor.


This disease is also known as Pyria, and it can lead to tooth loss if left as it is. Its treatment is required as soon as possible. Foul-smelling from mouth is one of its symptoms.

What Diseases Can Cause Bad Body Odor?

How to deal with these bad odor problems?


The first step you have to take is to know and understand the problem going on in your body. Primarily, you have to know what disease or disorder is prevailing within your body. Go to your family doctor for basic checkups and if he finds some serious issue, then he is advised to refer you to another doctor specialized in that skeptical diseases that might be prevailing inside you.


The next step to be done is to seek an expert medical practitioner as per you are diagnosed. If your odor is formed due to skin diseases, go to a dermatologist, if you have digestion problems, then seek help from a gastroenterologist, and so on. Just do not leave this step after diagnosing your issue. Seek proper treatment.

Home remedies

If you have skin issues or intestinal problems, you can opt for some basic home remedies for temporary relief. Such as- Eucalyptus oil is known to treat eczema quickly, coconut oil is best for fertility issues; turmeric paste is known to treat acne and many more. But if your condition is getting serious day by day, it is highly recommended to go for a professional medical practitioner in your region.


After you have done all the possible home remedies for your health issues, now it is the time to take medications as prescribed by the respected doctor. It is not at all advisable to skip a single dose of medicine after the prescription. Monthly checkups are also suggested. Do not forget to take precautions as referred by your doctor.


This is the first thing to do when we face an issue of bad body odor, spraying a deodorant, but this is only a temporary cure for this problem. Going to a doctor is still the first step you should take. You can use these sprays while simultaneously undergoing your treatment. Best natural deodorant for men is a mixture of eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, and juice of any citrus fruit.

Good hygiene

Along with all other steps, eating healthy and staying fit is also advised to every individual. Eat more Vitamins C and A, foods that are rich in dietary fibers, etc.


What Diseases Can Cause Bad Body Odor?

Practicing yoga or light gymnastics is recommended to all people of all ages. For long term excellent health, free from any sort of diseases, glowing skin, etc, everybody should do yoga for a good and balanced posture, for building muscles, go to the gym.


Is practiced for ages and it is said to be a reliever of respiratory diseases, which might cause bad breath. Meditation improves metabolism. It increases our appetite for healthy and nourishing foods. Doing meditation with yoga regularly will free your body from all illnesses.


Harmful disorders such as liver enlargement, cardiac diseases need proper ailment from professional doctors. But some minor diseases are self-treating as well. The cure for skin diseases lays in the food that we in-take. Eating healthy no cholesterol meals will clean our skin from inside and it will glow from the outside. Red or bleeding gums cause foul breathe from our mouth can be treated with the help of gargling with extra virgin coconut oil in the morning. Meditating and exercising are suggested to even a healthy person with no diseases as it helps in gaining mental and internal peace. But do not take these diseases lightly and go for a checkup as quick as you find something wrong with your body or your body odor.

Exfoliation is the process of thoroughly cleansing your dead skin cells on the surface of your skin with small particles or granules of a product. It can be removed chemically or mechanically. But be careful while doing this task, and be gentle with your skin, use circular motions while scrubbing your face. Or use gentle strokes of a soft brush.

The best time to do scrubbing to your face is suggested to be in the morning because our skin has a feature of healing naturally at night, while we are sleeping. That is why it is said to sleep at least 8 hours and take a beauty sleep daily for maintaining a consistent glow on your face.

Can Exfoliating Cause Acne?

Exfoliation is good until done correctly

Scrubbing or exfoliating open ups the clogged pores of your skin but it takes a little practice to properly scrub your face without getting hurt. Some side effects of exfoliating too harshly are as follows:


You might get bruises all over your face if exfoliated firmly. Do not use hard particles on the sensitive areas of your face while scrubbing. It might damage the texture of that particular area.


Exfoliating with harder granules is strongly not advisable as they irritate more often. Use soft ingredients in home remedies and scrub gently to your face.


Daily exfoliation might be proved harmful to your skin. The skin of your face is more sensitive and more prone to acne as compared to the other areas of your body. Acne, dryness, and redness are the consequences of daily scrubbing.

Not closing opened pores

Exfoliating cause cleaning and opening up the clogged pores of your. These may be clogged because of dirt and pollution and many other factors. Forgetting to close your pores after cleaning it deeply might have adverse effects on your face. Close the pores with a good face mask or you can use a moisturizer too.


Frequent scrubbing can cause redness to your skin can cause rashes. It loosens the texture of your skin. Do not use a wide variety of products simultaneously in your skincare regimen. Stick to the basics.


Regular exfoliating can cause redness and inflammation to your skin. So a gap of minimum three days should be there between the processes of exfoliating your face.


Hardly touching and massaging your skin can cause puffiness in that area. Scrub softly and take it easy while exfoliating if you do not want your skin to be swelled up.


Too much exfoliating or doing it regularly can lead to pimples and acne. Do it twice a week and not more than that.

These were the side effects of exfoliating too much. But this procedure is strongly recommended by beauty experts if done in the right way.

It has so many benefits linked with scrubbing properly which are

Removes dirt and oil

It helps your skin get rid of any pollutants and dirt present in your pores. If you have highly sebaceous glands, then scrubbing helps you with excess oil removal as well. Exfoliating properly and deeply can help you give a clean and hygienic skin.

Makes way for other products

Deep exfoliation helps you remove dirt and opens up the clogged pores and makes a way for the next products to enter into your skin and do their work properly. Any obstruction or barriers like dirt and pollutants will not come in-between the procedure.

Follow this process

You have to follow this step to see the desired results. Cleansing, toning, masking and moisturizing. The best exfoliating face mask for damaged skin is you can make at home by using baking soda and mix 1 tablespoon of honey in it. It is the most recommended exfoliating mask known for ages.

Body scrubbing

Do not ignore your whole body in getting the glowing results that your face is about to get. There are body scrubs separately available in the market. Because the skin of the face is much sensitive than our body. Lip scrubs are available as well and have made with much softer ingredients.

Can Exfoliating Cause Acne?

Gives a natural glow

If your skin is healthy and hygienic, then it will automatically glow and become brighter. If your skin is clean internally, you will naturally get a glow externally. It also boasts one’s self-confidence and makes us appealing.

Improves blood circulation

Exfoliating means massaging deeply into your skin and trying to remove the dirty particles present on the outer surface of the skin. Massaging is always known for the improvement of blood circularity in our bodies. It makes the skin glowing as well.

Stimulate collagen

Collagen is a protein that is found in our skin and tissues. The work of collagen is to increase the mass of muscles and make it look less wrinkled and hydrated. Massaging with collagen contained products helps you look fresh.

Decrease blemishes

Gentle exfoliating helps to remove old pigmentations of acne or other injuries on your skin to fade away. By regularly applying products on your pigmented skin fades away the dark spots and blemishes.

Benefits of lactic acid

This acid is found in milk products like yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Applying lactic acid to the pigmented improves the texture and quality of your skin. It reduces the visibility of open pores as well.


We should learn and practice the art of gently but thoroughly exfoliating our skin of face. Moreover, you can scrub your whole body. The point to remember here is that the skin of our face is more sensitive than the skin of our whole body. Hard ingredients like apricot and avocadoes should be used in body scrubbing while softer ones like eggs bananas and honey should be used in face exfoliation. Lip scrubs include products like coffee and cocoa. They are much gentle than the body and face scrubs. Determining your skin type is the first step towards exfoliating. Use apricot scrubs on less sensitive areas of your body like shoulders, knees, and elbows. Use coffee and cocoa scrub on the lips. Eggs honey and banana scrubs and masks can be applied anywhere on the body.

Child Care

Don’t worry…we’ve got the kids.

Body Theory’s onsite child care features a secure and fun atmosphere for children ages 6 months to 12 years. All for only $5 an hour, leaving you no excuse for not getting to the gym!

Our trained professionals all have previous child care experience or education and undergo CPR and First Aide training in addition to a rigorous background check.  They will quickly have your kids begging you to go workout. Arts and crafts, board games, movies and even the occasional karoke battle will keep kids of all ages entertained!

Private Training

Shape, tone and strengthen.

Our Personal Training options are for individuals who are seeking to improve their overall fitness with one on one training or small group training with one of our fitness professionals.

You will benefit most from this program if you are new to exercise, have specific performance oriented goals, have a pre-existing injury, or if you just want that extra attention and motivation to keep you on track with reaching your goals.


Fitness fun for all ages.

Bring the kids (ages 5-13) to Body Theory for a workout they’ll be begging to come back for! Regardless of their athletic environment, DRENCHED PE promises an hour packed with fun games and activities that will challenge your child while reinforcing good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Vinyasa Yoga

Let it flow…

Vinyasa yoga is a discipline that utilizes postures and breathing techniques. This form of yoga offers a range of health benefits to those who practice it, as it encompasses all areas of mind, body and spirit.

The continual movements, from one pose to another, gives you an added cardiovascular benefit, which more traditional forms of yoga do not have. The routine practice of vinyasa yoga can increase muscle strength, endurance and flexibility, and reduce levels of stress.

Abs & Butt Boot Camp

Strengthen your core.

Flat abs and killer confidence have one thing in common: a hard core. That’s because the muscles that make up your middle dictate not only how you rock a sports bra but also whether you stand tall and pack a punch in kickboxing class.

And don’t forget about those glutes! No worries because we’ve got you covered. A couple weeks with our professionals and we will have you looking just as good leaving a room as you do arriving!


Let’s get ready to rumble…

Give fat a one-two punch with our fast-paced boxing-inspired cardio class. A workout packed with strength moves so that as you lose the flab, you unveil muscle. You’ll push your aerobic and anaerobic fitness to new levels, maximizing calorie burn and amping up your metabolism while improving your cardiovascular fitness to boot!

Bring gloves if you have them otherwise you can borrow a pair of ours.