Exfoliation is the process of thoroughly cleansing your dead skin cells on the surface of your skin with small particles or granules of a product. It can be removed chemically or mechanically. But be careful while doing this task, and be gentle with your skin, use circular motions while scrubbing your face. Or use gentle strokes of a soft brush.

The best time to do scrubbing to your face is suggested to be in the morning because our skin has a feature of healing naturally at night, while we are sleeping. That is why it is said to sleep at least 8 hours and take a beauty sleep daily for maintaining a consistent glow on your face.

Can Exfoliating Cause Acne?

Exfoliation is good until done correctly

Scrubbing or exfoliating open ups the clogged pores of your skin but it takes a little practice to properly scrub your face without getting hurt. Some side effects of exfoliating too harshly are as follows:


You might get bruises all over your face if exfoliated firmly. Do not use hard particles on the sensitive areas of your face while scrubbing. It might damage the texture of that particular area.


Exfoliating with harder granules is strongly not advisable as they irritate more often. Use soft ingredients in home remedies and scrub gently to your face.


Daily exfoliation might be proved harmful to your skin. The skin of your face is more sensitive and more prone to acne as compared to the other areas of your body. Acne, dryness, and redness are the consequences of daily scrubbing.

Not closing opened pores

Exfoliating cause cleaning and opening up the clogged pores of your. These may be clogged because of dirt and pollution and many other factors. Forgetting to close your pores after cleaning it deeply might have adverse effects on your face. Close the pores with a good face mask or you can use a moisturizer too.


Frequent scrubbing can cause redness to your skin can cause rashes. It loosens the texture of your skin. Do not use a wide variety of products simultaneously in your skincare regimen. Stick to the basics.


Regular exfoliating can cause redness and inflammation to your skin. So a gap of minimum three days should be there between the processes of exfoliating your face.


Hardly touching and massaging your skin can cause puffiness in that area. Scrub softly and take it easy while exfoliating if you do not want your skin to be swelled up.


Too much exfoliating or doing it regularly can lead to pimples and acne. Do it twice a week and not more than that.

These were the side effects of exfoliating too much. But this procedure is strongly recommended by beauty experts if done in the right way.

It has so many benefits linked with scrubbing properly which are

Removes dirt and oil

It helps your skin get rid of any pollutants and dirt present in your pores. If you have highly sebaceous glands, then scrubbing helps you with excess oil removal as well. Exfoliating properly and deeply can help you give a clean and hygienic skin.

Makes way for other products

Deep exfoliation helps you remove dirt and opens up the clogged pores and makes a way for the next products to enter into your skin and do their work properly. Any obstruction or barriers like dirt and pollutants will not come in-between the procedure.

Follow this process

You have to follow this step to see the desired results. Cleansing, toning, masking and moisturizing. The best exfoliating face mask for damaged skin is you can make at home by using baking soda and mix 1 tablespoon of honey in it. It is the most recommended exfoliating mask known for ages.

Body scrubbing

Do not ignore your whole body in getting the glowing results that your face is about to get. There are body scrubs separately available in the market. Because the skin of the face is much sensitive than our body. Lip scrubs are available as well and have made with much softer ingredients.

Can Exfoliating Cause Acne?

Gives a natural glow

If your skin is healthy and hygienic, then it will automatically glow and become brighter. If your skin is clean internally, you will naturally get a glow externally. It also boasts one’s self-confidence and makes us appealing.

Improves blood circulation

Exfoliating means massaging deeply into your skin and trying to remove the dirty particles present on the outer surface of the skin. Massaging is always known for the improvement of blood circularity in our bodies. It makes the skin glowing as well.

Stimulate collagen

Collagen is a protein that is found in our skin and tissues. The work of collagen is to increase the mass of muscles and make it look less wrinkled and hydrated. Massaging with collagen contained products helps you look fresh.

Decrease blemishes

Gentle exfoliating helps to remove old pigmentations of acne or other injuries on your skin to fade away. By regularly applying products on your pigmented skin fades away the dark spots and blemishes.

Benefits of lactic acid

This acid is found in milk products like yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Applying lactic acid to the pigmented improves the texture and quality of your skin. It reduces the visibility of open pores as well.


We should learn and practice the art of gently but thoroughly exfoliating our skin of face. Moreover, you can scrub your whole body. The point to remember here is that the skin of our face is more sensitive than the skin of our whole body. Hard ingredients like apricot and avocadoes should be used in body scrubbing while softer ones like eggs bananas and honey should be used in face exfoliation. Lip scrubs include products like coffee and cocoa. They are much gentle than the body and face scrubs. Determining your skin type is the first step towards exfoliating. Use apricot scrubs on less sensitive areas of your body like shoulders, knees, and elbows. Use coffee and cocoa scrub on the lips. Eggs honey and banana scrubs and masks can be applied anywhere on the body.