Bad body odor is a common thing yet, can be a shameful experience at times. Many people suffer from foul odor from their body but very few are aware of the origin of that bad odor. They put effort into trying to find out the real cause of their body being smelled so nasty. The unpleasant smell can sometimes be very unbearable, that it is noticed by the nearby people. Some diseases might also be one of the reasons why one is facing odor issues, except sweating, bacteria, eating habits, etc.

What Diseases Can Cause Bad Body Odor?

There is a list of few diseases which might be causing bad body odor and you should be aware of these:


When the thyroxin named hormone is overly excreted from the thyroid gland in our throat or neck, then it may cause goiter in the upcoming period. It leads to major hormonal imbalances in the person’s body due to which, bad odor is very common.

Cervical cancer

Cervix is the lowermost part of the uterus in females. Cervical cancer occurs when a tumor or cancerous cell is made below the uterus. Its first sign is a foul smell from the white discharge from the vagina. Having bad odor does not mean you have cervical cancer or any other kind of cancer, it is just recommended to prefer the proper diagnose of that foul smell coming from one’s body.

Intestinal diseases

What Diseases Can Cause Bad Body Odor?

Sometimes, the large intestine of a person’s body might get molded and twisted so hard, that he cannot be able to release stool properly. This creates massive digestion problems and acidity. The gas produced in the stomach releases through farts of bad smell.

Rectal disorders

The opening through which our fecal matter releases outside our body is known as rectum. It is the lowest part of our large intestine where the stool is stored. Sometimes that area due to our fecal matter gets infected. This may cause bad smell from our underneath parts.

Renal diseases

Renal is the term used for referring kidneys. When our one or both kidneys do not get proper water or fluid supply, then they might cause urine or urinary tract infections, which might be a cause of bad odor in our body.

Liver issues

Liver diseases like enlargement of liver, high or low level of secretion of bile juice, etc. can also cause symptoms like sweating in our body because they are indirectly linked to our heart rate and heart inflammation.

Fungal infections

Skin diseases like eczema and warts are another reason for the bad odor present in our body. A good dermatologist can be proved helpful in these issues and getting rid of the bad odor.


This disease is also known as Pyria, and it can lead to tooth loss if left as it is. Its treatment is required as soon as possible. Foul-smelling from mouth is one of its symptoms.

What Diseases Can Cause Bad Body Odor?

How to deal with these bad odor problems?


The first step you have to take is to know and understand the problem going on in your body. Primarily, you have to know what disease or disorder is prevailing within your body. Go to your family doctor for basic checkups and if he finds some serious issue, then he is advised to refer you to another doctor specialized in that skeptical diseases that might be prevailing inside you.


The next step to be done is to seek an expert medical practitioner as per you are diagnosed. If your odor is formed due to skin diseases, go to a dermatologist, if you have digestion problems, then seek help from a gastroenterologist, and so on. Just do not leave this step after diagnosing your issue. Seek proper treatment.

Home remedies

If you have skin issues or intestinal problems, you can opt for some basic home remedies for temporary relief. Such as- Eucalyptus oil is known to treat eczema quickly, coconut oil is best for fertility issues; turmeric paste is known to treat acne and many more. But if your condition is getting serious day by day, it is highly recommended to go for a professional medical practitioner in your region.


After you have done all the possible home remedies for your health issues, now it is the time to take medications as prescribed by the respected doctor. It is not at all advisable to skip a single dose of medicine after the prescription. Monthly checkups are also suggested. Do not forget to take precautions as referred by your doctor.


This is the first thing to do when we face an issue of bad body odor, spraying a deodorant, but this is only a temporary cure for this problem. Going to a doctor is still the first step you should take. You can use these sprays while simultaneously undergoing your treatment. Best natural deodorant for men is a mixture of eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, and juice of any citrus fruit.

Good hygiene

Along with all other steps, eating healthy and staying fit is also advised to every individual. Eat more Vitamins C and A, foods that are rich in dietary fibers, etc.


What Diseases Can Cause Bad Body Odor?

Practicing yoga or light gymnastics is recommended to all people of all ages. For long term excellent health, free from any sort of diseases, glowing skin, etc, everybody should do yoga for a good and balanced posture, for building muscles, go to the gym.


Is practiced for ages and it is said to be a reliever of respiratory diseases, which might cause bad breath. Meditation improves metabolism. It increases our appetite for healthy and nourishing foods. Doing meditation with yoga regularly will free your body from all illnesses.


Harmful disorders such as liver enlargement, cardiac diseases need proper ailment from professional doctors. But some minor diseases are self-treating as well. The cure for skin diseases lays in the food that we in-take. Eating healthy no cholesterol meals will clean our skin from inside and it will glow from the outside. Red or bleeding gums cause foul breathe from our mouth can be treated with the help of gargling with extra virgin coconut oil in the morning. Meditating and exercising are suggested to even a healthy person with no diseases as it helps in gaining mental and internal peace. But do not take these diseases lightly and go for a checkup as quick as you find something wrong with your body or your body odor.