The energy of the studio is intoxicating – very empowering and uplifting. – Kristy K.

Michael and Irene are not only incredible instructors they make sure we have fun while we work. If you like good music and are not afraid to sweat, smile and slim down …You need to be here! – Lauren B.

If you want to physically challenge yourself to get your butt into shape, this is the place for you.  Your first time will be a little humbling, but it will get addictive.  It’s fun, it’ll make you sweat (I mean, SWEAT!), and best of all…you’ll just FEEL better. – Gina J.

REAL TALK….”DRENCHED” IS TRULY INCREDIBLE!! I can’t front, I was intimidated as hell as a FIRST TIMER when I walked in and stood out like a big ass 6’6 OUT OF SHAPE sore thumb in a sea of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes. Not a lot of guys in there until Mr. Johnson showed up and was GETTIN IT IN. Ervin was my inspiration to finish the class. Not often do you get to workout with one of your heroes.  Michael Blanks is great, very friendly and I felt extremely welcome. All the ladies were very pleasant and gave smiles of encouragement.  I didn’t have all the steps together, but as long as you keep moving, you will be fine. Work at your own pace. There is no hard pressure to keep up.  THEY CALL IT DRENCHED FOR A REASON!!  I’LL BE BACK!! – Nile E.

I thought I was in decent shape until I came to this class. This class was AH-MAZING!!! Great music and a great workout team. It was very encouraging. Even though I have a ways to go in terms of keeping up with the class I will be back.  Thsi will definitely get you in the right shape! The music and the instructors in itself will keep you going. Great atmosphere overall. – Lindsay S.

Great workout…it lives up to its reputation. The trainers are great and get to know their clients and their respective training needs. Good environment. – Priscilla S.

I hate the gym!  and dislike hiking. even when i had a personal trainer, nothing would motivate me to exercise.

I gave Drenched a try and the music alone is what did it to keep me going back. I finally found something that works! i’ve seen huge results! Its tough to keep up at times but they push to keep going. – Fiona M.